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making funny and strange dark trade in his mind !!!

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Originally Posted by carp View Post
bankiz always bringing the effort... I like it
thanks, the effort are my principal concern for this team. as a fan, i want to see my team work his ass out and hustle more than want we have seen thislast two games. on both end of the floor.

Originally Posted by carp View Post
as for what I did read, about effort.... everybody wants to deal Barbosa, but he is one of three guys, JJ and AB being the other, that gives 100% every time he's been on the court this season.... to me, we'd be foolish to move him unless for a really good deal. I've watched this team look disinterested for far too many seasons.
i will put Gray on the list of guys whom provide 100% every time they are on the floor.
i don't particulary want to trade barbosa, but he is our best trade asset on the market right now.
However, the real problem is a lack of movement on offense, especially moving without the ball. don't wait for the ball to come to you, make it happen.
in the bucks game, sometimes, you can see our 5 player in the 3pt line. how that's possible. we are not orlando, we don't have a dominant center who can grab all the rebounds on earth.
so i hope casey can do something about that. (maybe the video guy should be fired if not)

maybe i'm just tired watching a team whom put less efffort than a college team. what did they wait for to do so ? a messie ? because even if barg os good, he isn't the messie.
that a team sport, not a individual sport.

i was talking about that with my wife, and i said, we don't see tennins player (whom play all the year) complain about to much game. and they play 2h-4h games alone. They don't have possibility to rest and see their coach say to them; you can rest, tomorrow there is another game. no they go out there and compete to win every game. (not only the best, but every player who want to win something)

so yes, maybe there are tired (nba player), but come on, they are the sportplayer who win the most money, game time wise. how about some respect for the fan whom put money to pay their salaries !

that is what pissed me off. and the fact that i'm up at 1am until 4am to see them do nothing good. (maybe what 1/3 of the games). the problem is, if i don't get up to see them, i don't see them at all. so guys shows us some respect, and eran your money.
that is point for coaching staff and board too.

maybe the main question is : wht is the main motivation for those guy to play in NBA ? the money ? or the fact to play gainst the best, and show the best that they can compete ?

because for now, and the last years/seasons, i didn't see that in Toronto.
that put me to think, Bosh did great when he decide to go else where, and find a team who really want to win.

the rganisation should understand that well, especially on the busness side. you want to continue to exist, make good decision on the roster, and the coaching staff.

when they negociate the new CBA, owner should had put on the table, a ratio effort on pay day. ýmaybe more player, would provide effort every game !
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