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Lin was in this discussion just an example. and for me, we should have gave him time in the summer league 2010, now it's too late.
Pietrus was another example.
i said example, because that the type of player we needed at the time.
in summer 2010, for lin, we were with jack and jose at the point, no futur pg in the team, and the staff don't search for a 3rd pg who can take over maybe one day.
we were already in need for a young pg, and what LIn show during the summer league was very positif.
in the case of pietrus, don't tell me it was not a mistake to pass on him caus' some knee injury, who quickly resolve.

I understand the fact that vet player with no much game time, are not here to provide during game, but more during practice and even more in the locker room. that's fine with me. but you need also somebody who can ste up when he need to play.
and if Casey prefer forbes at pg, instead of Carter most of the time, you know therr is a problem here.
that 's my opinion.

i'm not frustrated about the talent on this team, but on the effort. and casey seems to think the same. but can he do something about that, i think so. you can blame theplayer all you want, or say that the player aren't good enough.
but :
1. you build a system with what you have, not bas on theorie and impose it on the roster.
2. if you say you make player accountable for the msitake or lackof energy, do it.

let's see what we have on both nd of the floor :
bayless : scorer and solid defender on dynamic pg.
caldy : not so much a defender, and kep too much the ball for himself.
carter: not in shape.
DD : he shows some improvment on defense (even if he don't pressure enough his opponent) and inconsistent on offense.
Forbes : no use enough at sg to see what he is capable of.
barbosa : seems to me that he is more inconsistent than DD and can't read when defense close on him. he use too much his boldquickness.
JJ: he is the real pride of casey i suppose. you can see when he isn't on the floor the team don't comptete as much as when he is out there.
Kleiza : come back from injury, but he produce more and more on both end.
Buttler : don't need to talk trash about him.
Bargs: he had shown us want he will become with a coach whom push him.
ED : need more time to adapt at the system. inconsistent too.
Amir : he had some issue, but in the beginning of the season, he was good.
Gray: he does what casey ask to him. a very good point. more and more at ease with the system and his teammates.
Magz: the vet wwhom shows what must be gone.
alabi : why is he still on the roster, if you don't play him, exept when the game is done.

i concede that casey need more time to put the system on. and especially more practice. but during games, he need to kick some ass.
yesterday, for example, he yealled numerous time to attack during the game. how it's possible, that the guys on the floor didn't do that (except JJ and kleiza) don't tell if you are the coach, you don't do something to make them listen more !

but i can't say this team don't evolve.
they are more alrght in the first Q. (the last 3 or 4 games) but they don't really run the floor on transition. isn't it the offense casey prone ? an offens which don't settle on half court ?

like i said many times, it is not about the win/lose. it's about effort.
yesterday they spoke about profesionalism. whith all the money they are paid, you think they ca produce more energy than kiddengarden basketball.
and there is no rookie in this team this season, so that can't be an excuse, even if triano did not do a very good job before.

and talent wise, there isn't less talent on this team than in GSW, KINGS, NJN or wash, even CLeveland. so talent isn't a real problem here.
detroit wasn't a big talent team when they win, sure they had second tier player, whom play well together. so let's face it, the evaluation season sin't going anywhere, since last was already an evalution season.

Magz during the first game at home said:
" we will compete every game, put solid effort to please the fan" but until now, i don't see many ggame where they did that.
you can give all the excuses you want, you to find some things out of the box to motivate them. we all know they can compete with the best, when they want. (Miami, indiana*2)

maybe i'm too much frustrating now, because i can't understand why this team don't produce better with a defensiv coach than with an offensive coach. (with almost the same roster), and no more effort than last season.
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