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Default pissed at decision making by staff !

i was about to respond in the LIN thread, but i get carry away the subject !

Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
(carter) He's our 3rd string PG. Who cares, he filled a spot on a 1yr deal. This season is fucked anyway, does it really matter?

If we're complaing about our 3rd PG and a guy that plays every 4 games, we've got much bigger fish to fry.
let's be serious here two second :
if you are a coach and a GM, whom know their roster, then you know Bayless had some issue, and continue to have issue on his ankles. And you also know that caldy would have issue with the tough schedule.
so yes, i'm pissed, they don't think about that and bring here a 3rd pg, whom was out of shape in the beginning of the season.
Casey is trying to change the culture, i get that. but to do so, don't bring here a guy whom need to loss half his weigh during the season, to be in shape. i'm sure Carter as some quality, but come on, you try to build something. even with a low contract like his, you can find a younger guy, whom will want when he is call to play to please the coach and have a chance.
yes LIN would have be nice. because of his background too in fact.

they all said, it's a busness, but they do sometimes stupid decision.
Magloire is the only vet who provide us something in fact. (with gray)
buttler is out everything (except defense and even that !)

i'm sure the staff and the board will make moves, trades before the deadline, to build for the futur, but don't bring here vet whom are in their last season, and don't have work out during the lockout to maintain their shape.

against the bucks, Carter was chasing opponants pg, like a dog chase a rabbit, with no succes in cacthing him. so yes, LIn is just an example about what they should have done better job to checking out whom they sign.

another example was pietrus. they almost have him, and they decide it was to risky to take him with his knee.
3 weeks later he produce very well with boston. and we are stuck with buttler. they are both vet, but pietrus is a better defender, and a better scorer than buttler. the risk wasn't that much of a risk.

so yeah, i'm pissed of. not by the struggling of this team. that was and is expecting for a young team whom want to change the culture. but come on, choose better with whom you want to do that.
you can say, my example concern the 10th 14th spot on the roster, but we did all know the scedule will be tough, injury would come, so when you build the roster, you need to take all of that in consideration.
and i know, like you, that many solid bench player would want to go on better team, but not all of them.

after that, the coaching staff, continue to allow some player to shot 3. like buttler. especially buttler.

if you make player accuntable for their play, you need to take a time out, say to the guy, what you want or don't want, and if they don't do that, you put them out. even if you need to really tank a game to show them.

we all know they be some ups and down, no problem with that. but come on, some times they just need a good kickass for every body too.
struggles can happen, don't blame the faith. but when you ask player to attack the rim, if they don't do it, don't start them, or don't make play for them.

caldy is another example. DC should have bench him a long time ago, just to show him that him too was accuntable. you can't have a flow in offense, if you have a pg who keep the ball for 20secondes and dribble all the time.
if you watch the other 4 during the time he dribbles, you understand that caldy don't have a good and quick vison of the court. somethimes, you will find a guy whom is alone crossing the defense, and whom can attack, and no dish. but he will dish to a guy whom is lock in the corner. come on now.

did he really make them acountable, or does he talk just for talk sake ?

i preach patience, but for fans, not for the caoch or BC and ED. they really need to shut down the players.
they really need to say:
"stop saying thing on camera, and doing the opposite on the court. stop saying that will come. that should come every game. lose or win, whatever, but make effort every second you play."

how is this possible than a defender in transition can't run as quick as the guy he defend.

we are 27 games in the season. oh yeah we miss our star player. but come on. no excuse they say, so why the hell they continue to find excuse.

they really need to think out of the box. bring here alabi make him play. at least he will try as hard as Amir when he did struggles. then amir would have react quicker to put up his effort. don't wait 10 games to do something. after two games you put him in the inactive list. then he will really come back and want to play. and what is right for amir, is right for every player even DD.

they really need to understand that their money should be earn, it's not a due.
you don't show us what energy you have, you don't have game time. as simple as that. even if during some games, you have only 7-8 player to put on the court. make them learn what accountable means.

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