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@sj -


there's lots of weird stuff in this. i go there because i like to point at things i think are absurd.

i made comments about the word asian because i find this shit hilarious. we're 99.9% the same and we spend so much energy definig that remaining 0.1% like it means something. it's all granfaloon-ery. asian - what does that even mean? this was my post to torap about national/continental/religious/etc. we have so many silly ways to categorize and divide humans. i find it silly and funny and scary at the same time.

and now, apparently, it make asians happy to see him succeed, because it proves they can. but somehow yao and zhi-zhi and bateer don't fit that category because they are tall. but this guy is taller than most people too, so what's the difference? it's all so ridiculous.

does it make mongolians happy? or russians? they are also asians. why does any of this matter at all?

and we say nothing about casspi and najera. why? because their 'racial populations' spend less time online? i dunno. odd.

i'm just happy to see a guy succeed, and i think it's dumb that people care so much about miniscule differences in phenotype characteristcs.
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