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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
I'm sorry, but I fail to see how turning rafer into james was a good move. We basically became a vehicle for james to shoot his way into a massive contract elsewhere. He was no good before we got him, no good while here and no good after. He was entertaining, I'll give you that . Same with drafting Jose, anytime you draft a good player with a very late pick, you're not allowed to take credit for it imo. If you really thought that player will be worth something, you would (or at least should) have drafted him earlier. 500k (cost of an early second rounder) is peanuts for a good prospect. Otherwise, it's just luck.

Drafting CV was a good move, but ONLY because BC traded him while his value was high (against the wish of the fans). I'm no fortune teller, but I have a lot of difficulty believing Babcock would have traded CV. Most likely we'd have watched his trade value go down the drain the following year.

As for RB orchestrating the trade for AD, I don't recall any rumours of that nature in advance of the move. In fact, it was a very surprising trade when it happened. So I'm not sure how you can be so certain that it was RB's handywork. If it was, then that was a great move and ironic that he would be fired right after making his only good move here.

But all in all, for the limited time he was here, he truly made a ton of mistakes. He was brought in because MLSE was cheap and the old adage (penny wise, dollar foolish ..) was proven once more.
Just as a point of note... we didn't use a pick on Jose. He wasn't "drafted" by us. He signed in the off-season and came over. And the rest... meh. If you want to spin it all in a negative light then go right ahead... I'm sure we can go through Colangelo's tenure as well and compile an equally impressive list of gaffes over a similar time frame.

Most GMs in the league have had "down years"... the main difference here was that Babcock came into a shit situation and was never given any time to really correct it at all. And in spite of everything he really did a credible job.

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