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the gat'll killya quicker, when I'm drunk off the liquor

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Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
it's not a lack of confidence in succeeding, sorry if it came out like that.
Why apologize? You're not accountable to me. It just didn't make any sense.

you want to say that again? My father had a job in toronto during the times i made those threads. Then the conservatives happened and the new projects were held up, and thousands layed off. I was able to think of going abroad, etc back then because my mom wouldn't have been alone in the house during the weeks. Oh and cause my brother was planning to find work on the same delayed projects, so his stint in montreal got extended as a necessity.
If this is the case, all the more reason to justify going to a cheaper school. I don't know for sure if York and Ryerson are cheaper, but, when I was in Ontario, I remember people complaining about U of T being more expensive.

All i was looking for was some help, not attention. Why would i be needing attention from a forum on the web? Hell, i don't care if i dont get paid attention to in the real world, let alone here.
I don't entirely buy that. There is completely different style in your non-basketball posting (and guys like th3answer) when compared with some of the other teens. Just my opinion. I concede that I can't read your mind.

However i didn't start this thread with the intent of saying ryerson was my problem so really i meant no harm. Nor did i mean it when i wrote about ryerson, i just typed without thinking there a bit.
I buy that. And there's nothing wrong with simply disliking the prospect of attending a particular school. There are plenty of valid and non-insulting reasons for not wanting to attend, such as location or whatever. It's just when you come across like you're pre-occupied with prestige, and suggest thought of going to Ryerson bothers you to the point of starting a thread about drinking (or somehting like drinking), you convey a negative impression. People might think you're calling their school crap, even if you don't mean to.

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