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Originally Posted by Bill Haverchuck View Post

If you U of T is tougher than your other options, perhaps U of T will better prepare you for law school. But that doesn't necessarily mean you should go there. I just don't accept the disconnect between your confidence in being a great lawyer and your lack of confidence in being able to succeed at U of T during undergrad.
it's not a lack of confidence in succeeding, sorry if it came out like that. All i'm saying is why make you life harder when you can accomplish the same thing with less work/stress?

Originally Posted by Bill Haverchuck View Post

Most successful U of T applicants don't come from U of T undergrad because the faculty of law is getting apps from graduates of dozens of schools all over the country. It's in high demand amongst a certain segment of students, and those students can be found at many other schools, as well. It's not just because U of T undergrad is tough.

Look, I don't work for U of T, but don't get locked into worrying about a 50/50 even split. There are other factors in the admission cycle, and they keep it somewhat unknown. There is no concrete mathematical formula. And some schools actually do have that, but U of T is not currently one of them. Some students compensate for a GPA below 3.8 by doing better on the LSAT.

Right. What happend to going to Ivy league schools? Europe? You didn't care about Mom or having a harder time getting a GPA then. All of a sudden there is a drastic turn around?

That's why I question your motivation for starting these various threads. The only common denominator is that it gets people talking about you.
you want to say that again? My father had a job in toronto during the times i made those threads. Then the conservatives happened and the new projects were held up, and thousands layed off. I was able to think of going abroad, etc back then because my mom wouldn't have been alone in the house during the weeks. Oh and cause my brother was planning to find work on the same delayed projects, so his stint in montreal got extended as a necessity. All i was looking for was some help, not attention. Why would i be needing attention from a forum on the web? Hell, i don't care if i dont get paid attention to in the real world, let alone here.

Originally Posted by Bill Haverchuck View Post

If you diss other people's schools, saying "it's just my opinion" is not necessarily going to make them stop thinking you're a total douche. If you're cool with pissing people off, that's one thing. But saying "it shouldn't affect them" just makes you look oblivious to how to avoid pissing people off. So, make sure you're cool with pissing some people off, because there are implications in a number of the things you say.

That's probably why Beans was suggesting you're being a "fuddy-duddy".
Sure, you're right here. However i didn't start this thread with the intent of saying ryerson was my problem so really i meant no harm. Nor did i mean it when i wrote about ryerson, i just typed without thinking there a bit.
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