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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
What you will find often is that doing something nice for another person when you yourself are feeling terrible has amazing affects upon your frame of mind, the catch is that good deeds and kind behavior will lead to the same in return.

Sounds like BS, but it isn't. Some of the most successful people in the world use tactics like this to stay positive, and to keep happiness and positivity in their lives.
Very solid piece of advice. And I don't give gratuitous compliments, so it's a solid endorsement

There is a tiny problem though, pzabby, if you're the user I think are (I might have you confused with another teen). Do your parents prevent you from doing extra volunteer work, because they want you to focus on your grades in school? Or was that some other teen. If that's you, that's unfortunate.

If you can, go out and volunteer in stuff.
1-it can fufill the objective SJ mention
2-you can meet more people

From some of your other posts, I get the impression you'd maybe benefit from brancing out and meeting some more people.

Masturbating and eating food is great for making yourself feel better; I've done it a milliion times, at least. But, it works as a quick fix for temporary problems.

if you feel like shit often, you need a bigger change. Makes some good friends. Really good ones. It helps. Also, I agree with Insider's suggestion about hiting the gym. I used to work-off a lot of stress that way. It makes your body feel great. Nothing like a nap after a workout. Now I'm falling apart and all I do is jog.
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