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making funny and strange dark trade in his mind !!!

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Originally Posted by TM85 View Post
He hasn't been solid. If the pick & roll doesn't work he ends up dribbling the ball till the end of the shot clock & makes a pass or shoots it himself if he is open which is the reason why he gets so many assists because he is the last person to pass the ball. He doesn't make his team mates better which is why a lot of our players are struggling & he is one of the worst defenders in the league.
exactly my point.
Casey scream at jose on every offense possession. so if you trade him, or even trade another player to get a pg who can accelerate the tempo more often, you will see guys less struggles.

about DD. you want to see him gone. so i suppose, amir too, and barbosa too. why not all the team and then sell the team to kansas city. LOL.

bargs put 6 season to become good, and he play only 13 games this season. so i will be patient with him too.
so give DD credit. every years he has improve something.
this season he has improve on defense. just a little, but during the road trip he took 1 charge at least per game. that is not nothing. he understand better the defense now, even if he seems lost most of the time against a great sg (allen, Joe Johnson, etc..).

i remember last season, october-november-december he was shy like now, he struggles, and like this season, many people shot at him. we learn after that he has some injury. whatever is the problem now, when he will figure out what he can do, he will put 20ppg, and then the same people as now will say : "he is part of our futur, don't trade him."

he is not for now the player around whom you build a team. but he can be a niece piece in this team.

don't get me wong, i like the kid, i also know that he is not a Lebron or a kobe.

and the team don't seach for him to put halley-hoops to sad. make him going !

09-10 TOR 77 65 21.6 0.498 0.250 0.763 0.9 2.0 2.9 0.7 0.6 0.2 0.81 2.29 8.6
10-11 TOR 82 82 34.8 0.467 0.096 0.813 0.9 2.9 3.8 1.8 1.0 0.4 1.76 2.65 17.2
11-12 TOR 23 23 33.2 0.379 0.295 0.770 0.6 2.9 3.5 1.4 1.0 0.3 2.17 2.65 14.1
Career -- 182 170 29.0 0.461 0.196 0.793 0.8 2.5 3.4 1.3 0.8 0.3 1.41 2.49 13.2

we can all see that is less than last year, but also the system in offense is less open for now.

for me, i will wait until after the all-star to judge anyplayer on this roster.
because they will have more home games and also more training session at this time. the system should be more implemented than now.

in the beginning of the season most of us said that this season was not about win/loss, but about knowing what we have in this team. and i think the staff as the same thing to do evaluate, and also adapt the system to the player you have. (that's what phili, MIL and OKC did)

for all of those whom where thinking casey was a magician, and will just by his presence think this team would be a contender, be patient is the best advice for anyone, and any player.
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