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Originally Posted by Aar_Canada View Post
Has anyone been watching Sun News Network?
A few times.

I watch it pretty much everyday because I find it so fascinating - in the same way a lot of Americans find Fox News fascinating.
I get what you're saying.

Ezra Levant is a clown of epic proportions.

Michael Coren, who I respected while disagreeing with a lot of what he stood for, has become a raving, two note lunatic.
I'm glad you've come around. Coren is a tool. He had William Lane Craig on his show once, and they were going on about how Dawkins and Sam Harris are not "bright". Meanwhile, Craig is a tuuuuuuuuuurible philosopher. His arguments are so pathetic, kids, albeit smart ones, can make him look like a clown. Watching their conversation was just painful.

Also, he had on Lord Moncton once to discuss Global Warming. You might have forgotten, but you actually posted a clip of that discussion in the global warming thread. Anyway, Moncton has been exposed as total fraud and completely incompetent. In my opinion, Coren is a fucking terrible journalist, assuming he considers himself that. He never asks these douche bags tough questions. And his audience, which usually is already inclined to agree with anythign he has to say, just eats it up. Fucking annoying, populist crap.

Krista Erickson (hottie!)
Agreed. She used to be the anchor on the 6 o'clock news for CBC Winnipeg, before she moved to ottawa to become a political correspondent. In addition to being dumb, she is also, allegedly, quite unprofessional while away from the workplace. I won't post the alleged rumours of what she did out in the open,, since they're just that...rumours... but if you're interested I'll elaborate via PM.

Apparently, the ratings are terrible and, regardless of what the "personalities" of SNN would have you believe, no one really cares about what they're saying. They barely register a blip of mention in what they term the "lamestream media". I don't think it's going anywhere though, thanks to the deep pockets of its parent company.
Which may say something positive about the collective mentality of Canadians. Or it could be somethng else.
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