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Default Sun News Network

Has anyone been watching Sun News Network? I watch it pretty much everyday because I find it so fascinating - in the same way a lot of Americans find Fox News fascinating. SNN seems to be obsessed with a few key issues - the CBC (referred to sarcastically as THE STATE BROADCASTER), the oil sands and the related Keystone XL Pipeline (and how that ties in with Greenpeace), the banning of burqas in Canada and how the left, in general, are a great threat to our society. I consider myself slightly left of centre and while I think the extreme left and the extreme right continually compete for the Crown of Lunacy, nothing's as blatant as what Sun News does on a daily basis. The CBC of the right it is not. Ezra Levant is a clown of epic proportions. Michael Coren, who I respected while disagreeing with a lot of what he stood for, has become a raving, two note lunatic. The two broads they have on during the afternoon - former CBC-er Krista Erickson (hottie!) and Jacqui Delaney - while both being touted as "tough as nails" are actually as dumb as doorknobs. It's terrible, terrible stuff. Apparently, the ratings are terrible and, regardless of what the "personalities" of SNN would have you believe, no one really cares about what they're saying. They barely register a blip of mention in what they term the "lamestream media". I don't think it's going anywhere though, thanks to the deep pockets of its parent company.

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