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Default How is DeMar This Limited?

I've been trying to figure out why I really have taken a dislike to DeMar's game recently, and I think it's because, well, he has none to speak of.

Hear me out; he has almost literally no offensive repertoire. He has no developed triple-threat game whatsoever. I see none of the great footwork/jab-step/repertoire of fakes for iso situations that a player like him should have begun developing by now. All he seems to be efficient at are curling shots off screens, and all he seems to want to take outside of those are badly-squared long twos.

For someone who is as athletic as he is, he has no first step to speak of (or refuses to use it). He can't take his man off the dribble even when they are clearly not up to the task of guarding him. When I went to the Timberwolves game, he was being guarded by JJ Barea - and refused/could not take advantage of the mismatch. Seriously, JJ freakin' Barea. Barea is a quick little guy but there is NO reason DeMar couldn't have used step-back jumpers or other offensive moves to completely abuse him. He seemed to have no confidence that he could, either, and when teammates would spot the obvious mismatch he would just pass the ball back to them after holding it for a couple of seconds.

It's not like he's great off the ball, either.

It stuns me that a guy who grew up in southern California watching another 6'6 210-ish shooting guard play ball in LA has these types of problems.

This guy better watch some tape of his betters or I'm going to lose patience. Third-year or not, he shows zero IQ when it comes to beating his man or how to take advantage of a defender.
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