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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
not the right approach though, you don't compare jose with conley, first you agree on the tiers and then you place jose in the appropriate tier. He might be slightly better or slightly worse than some players in that tier, but he's in that range.
there was no tongue in cheek re Conley, i simply think Conley is a superior player and I'd take him over Calderon.

everyone of us uses 'tiers' in their minds. it happens more along the lines of "clearly better", "maybe, I'd have to think about it", "worse", etc.
you can achieve the same with numerical tiers if you like. But in the end, tier-ing is just a part of thought process when you rank players.

anyway, there are at least 15 guys whom I'd put above Calderon without a "maybe". You didn't mention all of them in your post btw, Jrue Holiday is one, Stephen Curry, Jameer Nelson, but there might be a few more.

so when you say (tongue in cheek as it may be) that jose is not in the same tier as conley, you should instead clarify whether you think conley doesn't belong in that tier (which makes little difference as long as your choice of tiers is not dramatically different overall), or if you think jose belongs in the inferior tier (I would strongly disagree with that - he's a superior player to the likes of chalmer and such).
or i can create a few more tiers.
what if i think Rondo is clearly better than Holiday who is clearly better than Conley who is clearly better than Calderon? in your system, there are no tiers at all in between Rondo and Calderon.

imo, the main advanrtage with such an approach is that it avoids comparing players who are fairly close in value where it's too difficult to reach any kind of agreement. While no sane person would say jose is as good as rose, when you try to compare him with the felton's and conley's of the league, it gets tricky. Each of those players have strengths and weaknesses (what's better to shoot very well, or to have good lateral quickness? etc)
well there was a guy in this forum just days ago who said he wouldn't trade Calderon unless there's a top 5 point guard coming back in trade.

Personally, I see more point in ranking players based on how I see their value, rather than try to build a try to please everyone by grouping Calderon with both superior and inferior players.

conley's of the league, it gets tricky. Each of those players have strengths and weaknesses (what's better to shoot very well, or to have good lateral quickness? etc)
well Conley shoots very well (except this month), he has good lateral quickness, and he's one of the better defensive points. I don't see any team where I'd rather have Calderon than Conley. So, I place Conley higher.
And we could do this with Holiday or Felton, etc.

I just don't see the point to artificially "group" them together with Calderon when I'm convinced that they are more valuable to a team.
If someone disagrees, so be it. I can't say "Conley has similar value as Calderon", when I don't think he does.
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