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Originally Posted by powerfulpanda View Post
in highschool we played a tournament in orlando. they knew we were a team from canada, EVERYONE assumed we were from toronto lol. then when we told them we're from vancouver....."wow! that's like a 3 hour drive!!"

also during a game one of our guys foul their guy pretty hard but it wasn't a flagrant or anything, but their bench all stood up and one guy said "THIS AIN'T NO HOCKEY!"


I was playing this guy in NBA 2K7 a few years back and this dude on mic asked me where I was. So I told him Toronto because he'd recognize the name. When I told him that, dudes like "WHAT!? You're from Canada!? *long pause* IS IT WEIRD BEING CANADIAN?". I was confused and asked him what he meant. He's like "well, you know, you guys say stuff like aboot (alternate pronunciation of about) and go fishing near igloos". I was pretty shocked and really thought he wasn't serious. But from the way he spoke, he wasn't kidding. Dude was like at least 18 years old too.

I was playing this other dude this past summer and I destroyed him in 2K11. This dude was probably 18+ too. He got mad and kept sending me messages and calling me the N word. I told him I'm Indian so at least get the insults right. Later, he asked me where I lived and I told him Toronto. He then said "but isn't Toronto like a white country and stuff?".

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