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Originally Posted by Ugo Ferst View Post
Exactly my point, driving isnt a sport, it takes talent and guts, but you are using the car, not your body to move, imo in a sport you have to use your physical attributes not mostly a machines (and yes i know alot of these guys are in great shape, that doesnt mean they could be world class at anything besides driving a car).

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Good thing we have 'real' sports like chess, rifle or pistol shooting, billiards, bowling, equestrian, curling, poker, darts & many, many more... these are all great athletes using their amazing physical attributes. Wasn't there a sixty something year old guy who got a medal for Canada in the last Olympics in horse ridding... some athlete, huh?

F1 drivers have best reflexes of all athletes tested on the planet (#2 is fencing)... they also go through enormous physical torture while driving (they are not using gaming wheel and sitting in the basement) they experience loads well over 5g in the high speed corners... just think of it, their head with a helmet weighs over 40kg... you put that weight on your neck and try it out... not fun.

Also, they might be best payed athletes on the planet but F1 drivers are one of the few who earn every penny... driving 350km and making sure you are braking just in front of the concrete wall is never easy... many of us can hit the ball or run fast but only very few have the balls or talent to do what they do.

At the end, lot of F1 drivers are not only good but awesome at other sports... Schumacher played soccer in the Swiss pro league, older Villeneuve was a world champion snowmobile rider while younger Villeneuve is amazing skier, most guys from Finland are excellent in Hockey and few of them played in minor leagues... Mansell was excellent in golf and at one point though about becoming a pro... most of them run marathons or triathlons and as mentioned are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. They are no worst in other sports then best basketball player was as a pro baseball player.

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