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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post

Bargnani, if he even keep shalf this so called learning curve he's on is an effin NBA superstar in a year. So ya, his value goes up because he's VALUABLE.

Toronto lacks TALENT, has for years because all the money was in ONE player. Carter, then Bosh. Bargs makes 7 million less than Bosh did. His comments are the comments of a confident guy, I like them actually.


Talk is cheap, he needs to continue to work. He looked like a tourist against the Knicks on a few plays, so he aint anywhere close to out of the woods. You sure as shit dont trade him though....

Bargnani lacks two things. Defensive awareness, which seems to be improving, and rebounding tenacity. He can do everything else at an elite level. Who does Toronto have at that size that is even close? Davis....HAHAHA ya, no. Amir? Hmm... a bit better but still no. You need actual talent to win. So if your Pipe dream is to trade away your most talented asset to make room for a player who in Davis, mark my words, will never be more than a role player.... than by all means dream away, but I will sleep safely knowing that they are just that, dreams.

Only scenario that makes sense is Trading Bargnani to get a full on and proven superstar in the SG, C, or PG position, then get lucky and draft a PF in this draft that develops into the star he is projected to.

That scenario guys.... is the type of pipe dream you should have I guess. But it's a really, really tough to see it happening, so many things have to go right.
I completely agree with all the points. I'll stand by what I've been saying for a long while, Bargs is not going anywhere and next year we are going to see a JV/AB front court and those 2 are going to compliment each other very very well imo. We have 3 positions set in JV/AB/DD, still, I like Barnes in this draft as I feel he'll be in the range of where the Raps' pick will land. That leaves a hole at PG but honestly, I'm a JC fan and believe with him there the team has time to find one for the future.

If anything the team should trade Davis: cause if he keeps playing the way he is his stock is going to plummet.
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