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his attitude is horrible, but that said, i don't think Kings did a good job.
Callipari had him mostly under control. Westpaul seems way over his head. And hiring his HS coach - that's not a great message for a guy with huge entitlement issues.

he's 13-12 while making a ton of mistakes and fouls. that's kind of disappointing. but generally, that's a sign of great things to come. and it's not really stats that are impressive. there are moments when you watch him, he does things noone else can do. he could absolutely be the best two-ways center in the league.
if someone could keep him under control.
so much Artest in him.
i could easily see him flip out one day and get into a major fight after a hard foul.
but if you have strong coach, strong veterans, and little to lose... i don't know how you can pass this up. a 2004 Pistons situation before they got Rasheed. today, that's Celtics, Blazers, 76ers, Spurs, maybe Suns and Mavs. I'd love to see him grow on one of those teams.

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