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Originally Posted by ClutchCity View Post
Yes, they are. I'm not though. I didn't follow them much during their three-peat with Kobe/Shaq. I started following Lakers in the 05-06 season, when they were irrelevant. Not sure how that makes me a bandwagoner. It's more about Kobe than the Lakers anyway.
the lakers have only missed the playoffs 5 times in there history, EVER! so it doesn't really hold much weight to say you started following the lakers when they were irrelevant.

You have to live in LA to be a Lakers fan? Come on now. My favourite player happens to play on LA, so that's my team. It's bad when you jump on a team's bandwagon because their a great team, and jump off when they suck. I don't/won't do that.
to be a fan of a team, yes, you have to have some sort of connection to the city. or why else are u a fan of the team? the team represents the city. but u admit that ur a kobe fan so u root for his team. so that doesn't apply here
on a side note tho, i think that's fine for choosing ur secondary team but as ur favorite team?....iunno. so what if kobe switches teams? that new team is now going to be ur favorite team? what if he went to the heat?
my team is the raps till i die. my favorite player is chris paul so i also used to be a fan of the hornets and now the clippers. but if the Raptors play against chris paul's team, no question i'm rooting for the raptors.

No. They may have been the most successful (or 2nd) franchise in league history, but at the time I started following (05-06), they were definitely not the most popular. That team used to suck balls. Not sure how you can call one a bandwagoner without any reason.
and i'm not singling u out as a bandwagoner. i'm saying laker fans in general, especially the ones outside of SoCal. heck, even the ones living there i would question their loyalty. like i said, 5 times in history missed playoffs. their fanbase hasn't really been tested.

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