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Lol you guys are taking this thread way too seriously. The Heat will win the championship. I hate them but it is what it is. I just found a funny clip so I posted it. Relax!

Originally Posted by Kirby View Post
Lol it's stuff like this that makes Kobe fans look stupid.

Stuff like what dude? I posted a clip of LeBron, a player who most people don't even like on this forum lol. And then some random dude calls me out on my team lol. So I responded.

Originally Posted by powerfulpanda View Post
LOL, i love how everytime a laker fan gets into any argument they fall back on championships.
I do this when arguing LeBron vs. Kobe. I mean, it's the only argument I need!

"laker nation" is one of the biggest bandwagon in all of sports.
Yes, they are. I'm not though. I didn't follow them much during their three-peat with Kobe/Shaq. I started following Lakers in the 05-06 season, when they were irrelevant. Not sure how that makes me a bandwagoner. It's more about Kobe than the Lakers anyway.

thats great that you have no connection to the city of los angeles and no real reason to be a laker fan.
You have to live in LA to be a Lakers fan? Come on now. My favourite player happens to play on LA, so that's my team. It's bad when you jump on a team's bandwagon because their a great team, and jump off when they suck. I don't/won't do that.

but when you started watching basketball you chose to root for the most popular team. thats' really awesome....
No. They may have been the most successful (or 2nd) franchise in league history, but at the time I started following (05-06), they were definitely not the most popular. That team used to suck balls. Not sure how you can call one a bandwagoner without any reason.

Originally Posted by Jackson Filth View Post
why are you guys being so defensive? you guys sound like a bunch of heat fans
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Alex View Post
Don't be sour because the Lakers have gone to shit now... Almost had their first 0-3 start in 33 years.
Sour? Lol. I don't even expect Lakers to do anything this year. Plus, it's the Lakers, they always stay competitive. But hey, you can't win 'em all...
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