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interesting article in 'the oak' from dec 7, 2011 that addresses this (a link to which was posted here on rf today):

The Oak

Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo held a press conference today to announce that his team will suck this year - well he worded it a bit differently and said it with more polish - but this was the GM's undeniable message when he addressed the media this afternoon.

And you know what, I couldn't be happier.

Instead of talking about possible free agent signings, or cap flexibility, or trade possibilities, Bryan Colangelo made it known that the team's only goal is to build for the future and that no action will be taken if it compromises this commitment.

When listening to BC confidently state his intentions, I couldn't help think that BC has finally taken a page out of the book of AA - stop toying with fans' expectations, build from the ground up with young, athletic and promising young prospects, and then promise glory. Don't try to manufacturer short term success (uh..hello Turkoglu!), instead, check your ego for a year or two and build a properly constructed team - one that has the ability to sustain its achievements rather than finish 9th and get a crappy draft pick.

If Bryan Colangelo is finally willing to admit that the Raptors need to rebuild (which it appears he is) and if he is confident enough in his own ability to withstand tough times and harsh criticism (which I hope he is), the Raptors may finally be on the right path to success. The AA path to success.

That's why in a weird - only in sports kinda way - listening to Bryan Colangelo state matter-of-factly that his team will suck actually has the effect of inspiring more confidence and loyalty than if he spoke about playoffs and hope and all that other fluffy stuff.
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