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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
this was just a single game, and it was against a team with awful transition defense. that is the point.

99% is clearly an exaggeration. if you would like i could look for a few exaggerations that you have made, but i don't think there is a need for that. the point still stands that rondo has, in clutch situations especially, shied away from taking shots. this has made his game predictable, his performances inconsistent, and his offense suspect. this is a concern when ranking him against the very best.
So you clearly view this game against NYK as an abberation then. Meaning that it's unlikely that Rondo will have big games against teams with a better defensive scheme?

Is it the 31 pts that we're focusing on here? Because I'd definitely agree that that is "outside of the norm" as far as Rondo in concerned given that he's not a "scoring PG". That certainly doesn't mean that he's shouldn't match up favourably with PGs like Paul, Williams. Westbrook and Rose. At least IMO. His impact on the game is just as great.

Let's take a look at how he did last season against some of the best defenses in the league.

vs. DAL: 8/2/12 + 3 stls, 11/6/15 + 5 stls

vs. LAL: 10/5/16 + 1 stl, 12/5/10 + 1 stl

vs. CHI: 10/3/11 + 4 stls, 12/6/19 + 3 stls, 7/5/6 + 1 stl

vs. MIA: 4/5/17 + 2 stls, 8/3/16 + 2 stls, 11/10/10 + 0 stls, 7/1/5 + 2 stls

In those games BOS went 3-1 against MIA, 2-1 against CHI, 1-1 against LAL and 0-2 against DAL. 6 wins in 9 games. A couple of stinkers in there but on the whole, very solid. The REBS, ASSTS and STLS in particular were all impressive. And THAT is what separates Rondo from the pack.

His playoff numbers are quite respectable IMO. Really quite ideal for a classic PG.

Year 1: 10/7/4 + 1.7 SPG
Year 2: 17/10/10 + 2.5 SPG
Year 3: 16/6/9 + 1.9 SPG
Year 4: 14/5/10 + 1.1 SPG

So again... what are we arguing about here?

My assertion has always been the same.... that Rondo is a tremendous PG in spite of the fact that his jumper is shaky. He does so many great things on the floor that other PGs DON'T do... and that's why I don't hesitate to put him up there against the best in the game.
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