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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
There was so much more going on.

the guys is a fucking encyclopedia of hoops. he had zero efficacy because he was usurped by his GM. Trust me man, I heard some shit. Basically, he knew way early in the year he was gone. Colangelo had him way under the bus, and of course the whole team knew it as well. The same shit you are hearing Casey say and do, Jay was doing and saying... problem is, he had zero back up. You can't give a person accountability without authority in any business environment, you are setting them up to fail (write that down ala Van Wilder)

So, was Triano over matched...hmm...not really, but he was definitely operating in a no win environment. most coaches are once it starts going South, save a few that have gained significant clout, and there about 3-4 of those league wide max.

So now Colangelo, well he's Jay now, now his ass is on the line, so you're seeing the calls made that SHOULD have been made three years ago. Sadly Jay got fucked by it all but he's getting his pay so thats good. still though, it's frustrating for him.

thats the biz though, he knew it going in.
Traino was not saying and doing the same as what Casey has been. I have watched almost every interview with Casey from training camp and that mentality was not apart of the teams make up last year. And I am not slamming Jays knowledge base, he was a coach in the NBA, olympics, etc..etc.. But he did not project authority to his squad, if want to goat BC for the make of the team, that's your opinion. If want to say traino was victim of plot to undermine his presences in front of the team, i am not going persuade you other wise. But if it where that bad Traino should have walked at the allstar break, not taking a hand out front office job.
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