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"Fake All-Star"

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Originally Posted by Scully View Post
It a pretty sound theory. He should be getting way more touches, he has a better rotation behind him, so he should be playing far more quality minutes. If Bosh avg over 17 pts a would be surprised. And to your point carp, I agree neither should be an all star. But Andrea role on this team is far more significant then Bosh on the heat, which should translated into votes. I think KG and Amare have got the 4 locked up.

I will never understand this...

When Bosh was here he was "just another avg. player on a shitty team putting up stats".

Now that he's on an awesome team it's "well of course his numbers are going to look good... look how much help he has!"

Which is it? Because it really can't be both....

If you think that Bosh wasn't an important part of that Heat team last season then I honestly don't know what you were watching. He DESTROYED the Lakers in both games last season (against one of the best frontcourts in bball) and killed the Bulls in the playoffs. He wasn't just spotting up and shooting jumpers like Haslem.

Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
He's not efficient enough to do it on 5 less shots per game and doesn't get to the line enough. On Miami Bargs is a 15/5 player at best. You think he'd grab 8+ boards?
If Bargs was on MIA people would be complaining about Joel Anthony or wade or Lebron "stealing all his rebounds".... the way that Bosh "stole" them when he was here... and Reggie after that.

You know it's true.

Originally Posted by LX View Post
10 million is too much for a guy that looks like he is going for a casual stroll on too many defensive possessions. That's when he's not jumping away from his guard, as if repelled by magnetic forces. Nor can I ponder Spo or Riley being able to fathom seeing such play from one of their own. He could be a good offensive weapon off the bench, but not for a team hoping to win a championship.
This. ^^^^^ A thousand times.
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