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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Not because we're a bad team? Pzabby - we're one of very few teams that has never won 50 games. Playing .500 has been seen as something of a success. We have an ownership that has yet to show that it is willing to do what is required to rise above that, aside from hiring Colangelo and likely interfering with what he does to some degree. It looks like we are edging closer to operating the right way and working with a solid plan, and we'll have to wait and see if enough support is given to finally take them into new territory, and that doesn't mean needing to see Lebron come here.

Is LA a big market? How do you explain the Clippers? They are just a bad organization from top to bottom, happy if they simply do not completely suck. Right now they have some nice young talent. Does Chris Paul want to go there? Did it make it on Deron's list? Or Melo's? Or Howard's? No. And you can't just say it's because they aren't a big market. They are in an enormous market. They just haven't amounted to squat as a franchise, and that has to change first.

Toronto is much closer to being like the Clippers than they are to being like San Antonio, or Phoenix, or Cleveland, or Orlando. We are a bigger market than those, but lack the history. At the same time, teams like those need to keep some sense that their history is alive and that the people at the top are committed to making the habits of success continue to pay off, or they will become the next Kings. Teams like that need to have a solid vision and the ability to carry out a plan. And in that sense they might have an advantage over franchises like ours where it's a little too easy to sell this or that player and a little bit of promise from time to time. Players see the difference, and that makes a difference.
the clippers comparison is immensely misleading as even a market like LA can support only one team with the way it is structured and its fan base. when you have the lakers next door, with their history, money, fan-support you will have a hard time of wanting to join the clippers. the players would think they are always in the shadow.

also what i was saying was that the fact that we've never reached 50 wins is due to the market size. when a sport can be dominated end to end by one or two players, unlike say hockey or soccer, you will have a superstar-oriented league, and when you can attract super stars, you're going to have a tough time. sure you can hope through the draft, but the draft is as they call it; winning a lottery, and how many people in their lives hope of winning a lottery? And then wouldn't it be easier to have the chances at winning a lottery like any other team and being able to sign big-name F-A? that way they can hope for one good lottery plus one big signing and they're at 50 wins in a few years, if not right away. with the Raptors you'd have to hope for 2 good lotteries, and the chances of getting two studs in two lotteries in a row are slim.
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