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Originally Posted by bjjs View Post
You're not making much sense Panda. "I didnt' say he wouldn't excel"...and yet..."I doubt they would have made the playoffs".

Yes not the same thing, but you're kind of coming close to a contradiction. From what I can tell you're saying Zach Randolph is a better Power Forward then CB. Torap is simply disagreeing. What is stressing you out?

I personally think when we look back 15 years from now Bosh will have had one hell of a career. Dude has been solid despite lacking some passion. He's gone through some off-court issues at the ripe age of 25. I think his best years are ahead of him and a lot of people here have forgotten how skilled CB really is. He still has the potential and opportunity to be the best NBA bigman in his generation.
Originally Posted by carp View Post
I completely see Panda's point and it has merit... I think it's taken as criticism of Bosh but it's not.... maybe he's winning in Miami, but by taking the easy road, he's not maximizing his skills as a third option there. That is all.

Good job panda, I understood fully despite not agreeing that Bosh is a great second star for a team either but that's absolutely irrelevant to your point.
Originally Posted by LX View Post
I think too much gets made of being option 1-2 or 3. It's about how the team succeeds and how the pieces fit and work together. Bosh can easily prove to be a key part of a very successful team. Lo and behold, Miami did not fizzle out while trying to figure out whose team it was. They made it about the team rather than the individual. Bosh just needs to carry on with greater consistency, as a guy that is essential to his team on both ends. It just doesn't matter how that gets compared to ZBo - as he is proving essential in other ways to the success of his team. What will matter will be how far the respective teams get. Does anybody think Kevin McHale would have been better off as a starter for the Nets?

sometime when people's back and forths are getting confused and tangled up it requires someone to come in and make a concise statement. to me all these did that.

Really i'm with LX on it, when it comes down to my 1st sport, soccer, I've always concentrated on the team and tactics and how the players gel and i think it's probably even more so true in basketball, as there are less players. I think Bosh has fitted in well in Mia and their chemistry is good. It's well established that when moving to a bigger team with other star players you may have to make sacrifices, it appears Bosh has made more than the others, but that's another debate.

I've understood the main points of panda AND torap and both have made valid points imo. Personally i'm closer to torap on it. There's a lot of theoretical talk involved, unless Bosh had gone down the trade route the only other option was going to Chi, i do agree mayeb that would've worked out better for Bosh the player and ceartainly for Chi! But at the same time who wouldn't want to go where james and wade are? Both to enjoy playing the sport and to win things.
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