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Default 2012-2013 Raptors Cap Status

With the recent interview with Colangelo saying the Raps might have up to $24 million in cap space next summer, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a summary of what our current contracts will look like at that time. I'll ignore all the extraneous cap holds that could be waived, since those will be waived if the team is using the cap space. All this assumes the rules based in and around the latest offer from the owners (that was rejected, but will likely be a starting point for any settlement to follow). And of course that we don't sign anyone to any multi-year deals in any theoretical 2011-12 season that might actually happen.

Jose Calderon $10,561,982
Andrea Bargnani $10,000,000
Amir Johnson $6,000,000
Linas Kleiza $4,600,000
DeMar DeRozan $3,344,250 (TO)
Jonas Valanciunas: $2,543,947
Ed Davis $2,207,040 (TO)
James Johnson $2,812,006 (TO)
Solomon Alabi $890,000 (TO)
2012 First Round Pick: $2,632,985 (cap hold)
Roster slot cap hold (slot 12): $490,180
Roster slot cap hold (slot 13): $490,180

Jerryd Bayless $4,164,882 (QO)

Total with no Bayless: $46,572,570
Total with Bayless QO: $50,737,452
Total with no team options or cap holds: $33,705,929

Salary Cap: $58 million
Tax Threshold: $70 million

- Jonas Valanciunas: scaled back rookie salary based on 50% BRI
- First rounder - assumed fifth pick like Jonas. Could be as high as 1st overall pick - $4,013,712. Estimated value of first round pick based on 2011 1st rounder reduced to 50/57 with 3.5% increase each year.

Then there's the amnesty clause - so assuming we exercise all our team rights and extend a QO to Bayless, we would have 7.3 million in cap space plus maybe 10 million for amnestying Jose or Bargnani. If we amnesty one of them and also do not bring Bayless back, then that goes up to about 21.5 million in cap space. If at that point the team cuts ties with, say, Alabi and James Johnson, then that would be $25.2 million in cap space. So there you go. Alternatively, we could amnesty Kleiza instead of one of the other two and end up with about $19.5M in cap space in that last scenario.
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