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Originally Posted by ClutchCity View Post
Yeah I'm talking about today. Dude is easily the most talented basketball player in the world, but it takes more than just talent to win and that's why I don't see him as number 1. I don't see the same work ethic from him as say Kobe/Jordan, his jumper is inconsistent, and his footwork is suspect which gives him trouble when put in pressure situations in the clutch. In a game 7 I'd take Wade over him and possibly Dirk/Kobe too. I can agree that Dwight is better than LeBron but unfortunately we've never seen Dwight with a second star (he should go to LA) and it's hard to compare a SF to a C.
he doesn't have work ethic because he doesn't practice in front of the camera and makes commercials about it like jordan? jeez, he made it into the nba, isn't that enough evidence for you? anyone can enter the nba because of sheer talent and athletic ability, but you need to be just as a hard worker to be a top 10 player. he's even won two mvps, and plenty of times has been performing just as well in the clutch (see playoffs 2011: bulls, 76ers, game 1 - 3 vs. the mavs) you just blow it up in proportion because of after he gave up for the rest of the finals. just because he has an inconsistent jumper (which i find to be a overrated argument) and "suspect" footwork, doesn't mean he has other means to contribute to his team.

• James’s problems mainly have been with scoring. He had a triple double in Game 5, as three rebounds and four assists in the fourth quarter helped push him to double digits in each category. Per-minute, his rates in several key stats — assists, rebounds, steals and blocks — in the fourth quarter are in line with his rates in the rest of the game or better. In a 67-second span in the middle of the fourth quarter on Thursday night, James assisted on three shots, helping the Heat take a four-point lead. The Mavs regained the lead with their own offensive spurt, but James was critical to getting Miami back in the game. His shooting really has been bad, in two ways: He’s taking the usual rate of 3-pointers, but hasn’t made any; and he’s taking a third as many two-point shots, per minute, in the fourth quarter compared to the first three. Taking fewer shots isn’t necessarily bad if it means he’s setting up other great players, such as Dwyane Wade, for good ones. And a set of six 3-point attempts is a small sample size. The focus on James, as ever in the NBA, is on scoring, and that’s a crucial part of his game, but in other respects he’s been top-notch.

• There’s no indication of a broader or longer-term drop-off. James faced pressure in earlier series full of close games with aplomb, most recently in the clincher against Chicago, when he scored 12 points in the fourth quarter to seal Miami’s spot in the finals. Overall for the postseason, he and Wade are tied for the lead in win shares — a measure of overall positive value — and James is in the Top 10 in win shares per 48 minutes, a measure of delivering value to his team efficiently. And that’s even after his rough finals performance has dragged him down.
2011 NBA Finals: LeBron James Hasn't Been as Bad As You Think in the Fourth Quarter - The Daily Fix - WSJ

bolded part to is to note that lebron has no problem scoring against very good defensive teams, it's just his teammates first conservative attitude can sometimes overcome his aggressiveness in either a good way (bosh and lebron domination of the 76ers and bulls in the low post) or a bad way (his failure to take the lead for the rest of the finals).

as for your "inconsistent" jumpshot argument, i do agree he might not be one of the best shooters for the small forward position, but he certainly is not one of the worst. he has a very well rounded out game, and that's why his game isn't as polished yet. at age of 26 he's already using a lot of offensive tools such as a posting-up, pick and roll, slashing etc. that's alot of skills to work on, and for him to have an average jumper takes a lot of time to practice all of that, which goes back to your first argument about his "lack" of work ethic. think about it. if it takes derozan about 2 - 3 years to work on his mid-range jumper and derrick rose 2 years to perfect his 3 point shooting, working with jumpshooting specialists for the whole off-season in 2010, how long do you think it took lebron to have an all-around game like that? that's probably hours and hours at the gym, working with assistants, the weight room, etc. in a span of 7 years in the nba.

however i still think dwight is the best player in the nba right now and all orlando has to do is kill for steve nash in a magic uniform, and watch him go.

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