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Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
my closest friends and I (group of five) are planning a grad trip this year. right now, it's between montreal march break madness (breakaway tours) where thousands of students flock to montreal for the break (drinking age 18 ) or cuba in the summer. now in this tour, alot of hookups have happened and it might be cause of the booze, or the atmosphere, or having ur own room, or everything together, but either way, society puts an important claim on losing ur v-card and such and i'm wondering why? ive noticed jeff posting a couple times on why it should be with someone u truly love for the first time, and how he made a mistake, but never really elaborated. discuss
Society puts an important emphasis on losing your v-card because corporations make more money out of people having loose morals than they do when folk are waiting. The more you're ready to fuck, means more money for condom companies (as not juss married folk would be buying it), booze companies (they'd make more coin than juss folk buying a cold drink in the summer or on skiing trips with the attraction of it helpin folk get more loose) and so on & so forth.

Anyways, your dilemma is more a moral issue than it is an ethical one. Ethics means how you deal with others, and morals are your personal choices in how you live (which obviously translates in how you deal with others, but it's more than that).

I'm personally still a virgin and I'm 100% happy with it (I'm also turning 34yrs old next month). This has everything to do w/my simple faith in Christ than anything else; now I'm not tryna preach to you or judge you or your friends, but since you're asking, I will encourage you to not give in to what society wants from you regarding your v-card. I've had plenty of opportunity as a I'm a good looking man w/multiple talents that attract the opposite sex & I'm blessed enough that I still look like I'm in my early 20s. I simply find more satisfaction in beating sexual temptations than the pleasure of giving into it; I *LOVE* immersing myself into lookin at beautiful women (their faces, their figures, their everything...nothing is more beautiful in all of God's green earth), but that & flirtations is as far as Imma go.

Go to Montreal with your boys n stuff, have fun, but (since you're already having this debate in yourself) don't take it too far. Enjoy being around beautiful women dressed to kill, perhaps get some digies, but don't take it too far. Practice resisting the atmosphere, so when you're actually into it, you don't get carried away, but still have the type of fun that you won't regret.

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