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i have no problem with people making what they're worth however majority of new billionaires are coming from the parasite that is the subsidized can't fail financial sector and that is a huge problem because these fucking leach's do nothing for society (but leach). NOTHING! the sector has corrupted central banks and governments all across the world and borrows money at ridiculous rates to fund their speculation and bets while exporting inflation on to everyone (which hits the poor the most and grannys that just want a decent rate of return in their savings account)

the entire sector is a ponzi scheme that these corrupt central bankers will keep going at all costs(including our own, goldman sachs affiliate marc carney) so you can expect this parasite which should be a utility to continue to grow and be subsidized/bailed out/corrupt while the big guys at the top pay themself a couple hundred mil a year to run a legalized ponzi that WOULD FUCKING FAIL IN A HEARTBEAT IF RATES WERE NORMILIZED AND GRANNY'S COULD GET THAT FUCKING RATE OF RETURN.

and it just might fail regardless if greece defaults and sets the precedent for the other piigs nations. everything you hear about a greece bailout is simply a bailout for the french banks which own greek debt which is essentisly a bailout for the british and german banks which own frances debt which is essentially essentially a bailout for the wallstreet ponzi's because you get the picture..the entire sector worldwide(minus the brics-well maybe) is one fucking ponzi scheme and all these ponzi's are exposed to each others garbage

banks are holding the worldwide economy hostage and either we get a reset and some short term pain or a society of slaves and paper pushers

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