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Originally Posted by ValanciunasFanboy View Post
50/50 split won't bring profits, at least according to owners' projections.
Its not about that from the players POV.

Players are supposedly doing this for "future" players and future bargaining agreements. Think of it this way.

Players lets say agree to 50% instead of 52.5% or 53%.....what happens in 5 years when they go back to the tables and the BRI is at 50%, then the owners are going to offer 42-45% further effecting the players BRI. THey are holding true so that during the next BA, the figure is at 53% rather then 50% allowing for further negotiations to be conducted.

Considering everything that is going on the players are the ones using their bodies, and potentially risking future health problems (imagine J.Oneal in 20 years, will he even be able to walk? ) The owners are a bunch of ultra rich, mostly older white men that are "INVESTING" their money into an investment opertunity.....lets face it, not all investments leave one's bank books in the black.....believe it or not, but some investments actually cause one to lose money.

If you want to own a sports franchise, your number one goal should not be profits (yes its important and prob in top 3, but if your doing it solely for profits then your just a making bad business decisions beucase its FACT that professional teams in NA lose money.... referring to hockey and basketball)

***Disclaimer: Im just stating an opinion, and AM NOT taking a side or saying one party is more right then the other.****
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