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^ Gingrich is inconsequential. He's a loon, but that Rick Perry motherfucker is a calculating evil.

So this Rick motherfucker wants to talk about 'heinous crimes' eh? I am so fucking game for this. Imma ensure this assclown's presidency hopes are dashed way before we're even in the stretch run.

In the thread I got that from, the smartest person in there said he's killed an innocent man on death row. I read the subsequent links for myself and found it to be true. It's the Cameron Todd Willingham case, if any have heard of it before. The first link I'll provide is his wikipedia file, which is fairly long, but I'd rather folk read the 2nd link I provide. It's longer than the first, but it's a very worthwhile read; insight into the true character of this pretender, this shyster, this criminal, this diabolical tool Rick Perry. And trust me, I'm not being dramatic; those adjectives I used are nothing but tame understatements in comparison of how I really feel about him - with both my justice-seeking heart & all-sides seeking mind.

Link 1: Cameron Todd Willingham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Link 2: Cameron Todd Willingham, Texas, and the death penalty : The New Yorker

If you don't have the time to read it, I'll give you a few quotes (though I strongly urge anyone concerned about things that matter, to read it; it's unlikely the media at this time will do you any of the service I'm giving):

"Since 1976, more than a hundred and thirty people on death row have been exonerated. DNA testing, which was developed in the eighties, saved seventeen of them, but the technique can be used only in rare instances."

Read more Cameron Todd Willingham, Texas, and the death penalty : The New Yorker

" Barry Scheck said. “The only reasonable conclusion is that the governor’s office and the Board of Pardons and Paroles ignored scientific evidence.” "

Read more Cameron Todd Willingham, Texas, and the death penalty : The New Yorker

' Nearly two years later, the Innocence Project commissioned Lentini and three other top fire investigators to conduct an independent review of the arson evidence in the Willingham case. The panel concluded that “each and every one” of the indicators of arson had been “scientifically proven to be invalid.” '

Read more Cameron Todd Willingham, Texas, and the death penalty : The New Yorker

This is what happend off-camera at one of the debates in early Sept 2011; he knows he's diabolical fraud & knows Ron Paul got his number, and so he grabbed 76yr old Ron's arm when he thought the camera wasn't rolling. Motherfucker:

Even more telling of the way Rick's heart beats, if you didn't click the link at the bottom right of that video, then here it is:

How does that relate to good ol'boy Rick, you may ask? It's the executive order that Rick enforced on his state - Link: rick perry executive order gardasil - Google Search

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