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Originally Posted by bladeofBG View Post
Name another time in NBA Finals history where a team with three (not one, not two; but three) 24+ ppg scorers all under 30yrs of age, each a way above average athlete at their positions, each a multidimensional player, playing with a full deck (all their roleplayers were available, and they all fit their system) lost to a team with a 30+ year old superstar who was continually knocked for this reason & that reason right up until the 10-11 Finals, was surrounded by a bunch of overlooked roleplayers (and the one who wasn't overlooked, Jason Kidd, was 38yrs old and hasn't been a scorer in 7yrs!) and didn't even have his 2nd best scorer, Caron Butler, available for the whole series?

That Lebitch Heat team is the most talked about team ever, simply due to the sheer amount of superstar talent and good roleplayers around them, and they got bounced on their home floor by a team that has suffered the most bitter type of playoff exits in each of the previous 5yrs, being bounced in the 1st Rd in 3 of the previous 4yrs at that.

And that's only what's on face value.

The only other one that comes close is the Pistons over the Lakers in 2004. But the 10-11 Lebitch Heat were, IMHO, a much better team than the 03-04 Lakers. Thus as far as I'm concerned, the 10-11 Mavericks are the greatest upset team in NBA Finals history.
With all due respect the Mavs didn't exactly have a cakewalk to the finals.... so they weren't exactly a bad team.

They beat the Spurs (best record in the WC)

They swept the Lakers (defending champs)

They beat the Thunder (with the league's top scorer)

They were a VERY good team that finally figured out how surround Dirk with the appropriate talent. The acquisitions of Chandler and Marion were HUGE for them and made them a much better team than they had ever been before. Couple that with a core that had been in place for a few years and an established system (plus added motivation from what happened in 2006) and you have a recipe for success.

Personally, I think that it would have been a monumental upset if the HEAT had won it all, considering that was their first year together.
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