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Let's see:

- I myself am a better GM than most GM's currently in the league, and thus my NBA Live Season Mode would provide better overall entertainment than the league overall has provided the past 4-5yrs (and regardless of our disagreements, most of you can truly say the same things for yourself; simply don't let the offering of kickbacks & half-assed promises from these agents that appeal to greed have any pull on you, and thus your passion for ball, passion to see people as people instead of dollar $ign$, would already make you better than the GMs bringing the league down, like Bryan Colangelo & David Kahn - to name only a few, of course).

-In all my 21yrs of watching ball, my greatest memory happend in April-May-June 2011 in watching the Dallas Mavericks 10-11 playoff run, pinnacled by beating Team Steroid in the Finals. I love that this memory is still the last on-court thing people remember; this right in the face of the bullshit media downplaying the fact that Dirk & co. juss made for the most spectacular upset in NBA Finals history. There is no NBA ball on the horizon wherewith they can further downplay this, so I'm happy on this point as well.

-I don't have to sift through all the bullshit games coming from all sides in the media from the past few years and will simply relax instead.
-My time is now more flexible regarding how & when I work out.
-More time to thoroughly enjoy my other interests.

So I don't care.
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