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Originally Posted by LX View Post
He told the boss to pull the C off the floor. What was he expecting? Ronnie Turiaf was going to make everything just so? Tell the boss that one of very few specialized coworkers needs to be shown up. The deal deadline still gets missed, and all the deals coming down the pike are in jeopardy. Please do not look to Kobe for management tips.
You tell the boss that because there's other people wanting to prove themselves but aren't given the chance. Case closed. Anything about the deadline still getting missed is speculation, fantasy and nothing more, so no use stating that.

Originally Posted by LX View Post
And you say the telling of the story is an issue? Is there a big difference? The demands he placed on Phil, and the drama of being furious, serves the same purpose as telling the story afterwards. Can you not read between the lines in each case? I am Kobe and it's a crying shame that I was not allowed to win more than I did, to put up more numbers than I did, to score 40 and win while cruising through every season, and always reserving the right to take on the role of coach or GM. I remember MJ telling the story about all the failures, all the missed shots, all the lost games that people forget, but which drove him to always be better. Kobe's story is that none of the losses, none of the failures, none of the missed shots are on him. Poor poor kobe for being denied true, undeniable, greatness. Gotta love it. He's an inspiration. That true greatness will continue to be denied, and not just by me.
Again, that's what you read (what you on, Lasik??) but you already have a preconceived bias so there's no use. Saying those things on the court were because he was determined to win and Kwame had zero self confidence in himself. Telling the story afterwards is only to talk about his frustration with playing with Kwame, which I don't agree with because it adds nothing of value for either of them, while saying it in-game could have resulted in a win. There's your difference. Furthermore, sarcastic pity for Kobe just diminishes your argument as it further glorifies your Kobe-hater status. Moving on now...
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