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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Let's look at how much time we may have on our hands now.

I would ordinarily watch all 82 Raptors games in some form or another. Considering that this season might have been fairly unwatchable, I have to think that there would be fewer games watched live and more viewed on fast forward on my PVR, or in the game-in-an-hour format. Let's say I would have watched 60 games in real time.

60 x 2.5hours=150 hours

that leaves some 25 games, including preseason matchups, where I'd likely spend about an hour on average taking in.

so add another 25 hours

Of course there would be other NBA games to take in. Some of them I would catch halfway through, or give up on at some point, so let's say there would be an average of 2 hours expended over a conservative estimate of 80 games, including the playoffs.

80 x 2 = 160 hours

There would be some 32 weeks of watching coverage of the Raptors and the league on a daily basis on NBATV, at a conservative average of 5 hours per week. And easily 2.5 hours per week reading from various sources. Add another 2.5 hours per week running the over/under. That's 10 hours over 32 weeks.

32 x 10 = 320 hours

Let's add all that up.

150+25+160+320 = 655 hours

thirty-nine thousand and three hundred minutes

So how are you going to spend your extra time? I figure if I only bath once a week I might be able to compose a symphony. Doing without bathing wouldn't be to gain a few more hours as much as allowing me to be inspired by a sense of my own mortality and decay. I suppose I could stay clean and just shoot for an off-broadway musical.

Plan now - time management is everything - make the most of this bad situation - what have you got people?

You could likely learn a second language, or at the worse, get back to the level of french we all left off at in Grade Ten!
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