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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
I guess you're right, I jus wish dudes could talk about things without having to always rip other people down... it isn't needed.
Actually it is needed, on multiple fronts. Here's why:

1) He's the most mentally prepared player in the game who is speaking to a psychology classroom; while he's given all he's got, he's pointing out two people, Kwame Brown & Smush Parker, who were given EVERY ELITE opportunity to be put in positions to succeed, yet never bothered to put in the work that he did. Really, why did Andrew Bynum develop, and Kwame didn't? And why did Shannon Brown develop, and Smush didn't? Let's remember that more teams gave those players chances than what Shannon got.

1-A) Kwame was on a contract paying him $8M a year during his tenure w/the Lakers (& let's also not forget they traded a proven player & character guy in Caron Butler to acquire him). Where's the accountability if a guy is saying 'Don't gimme the ball even though I'm wide open at the basket' despite making an elite roleplayer's salary? It's dispicable even for guys on minimum deals to do that at the professional level (which is more than most professionals in other industries make), so it's so much worse for guys making $8M/yr to do that. It's even more dispicable when Kwame has had all the opportunities he's had at that point, 6.5yrs worth, and didn't do anything w/it (compare that w/2011 NBA Champion Tyson Chandler, the 2nd overall pick after Kwame; he gives his all no matter what, has gotten big praise from all the big names who've worked with him, and is exceedingly coachable).

Kwame not putting in the work paved the way for those shyster agents to create a market to overpay for Kwame ("Washington wasn't a good situation for him! That's why he didn't develop! Juss wait for what the change of scenery will do for him! Juss you wait.....and wait.....and wait), and thus overpay for elite roleplayers as if they're stars, and then overpay for stars as if they're superstars, and thereof eliminate players who do deserve better development & financial opportunities from getting a fair share in accordance w/their abilities, such as juniors & seniors not picked in the lottery...

....for example, who is a better big man to invest in: Kwame Brown, or Luke Harangody? To put this in simpler terms, who'd you rather invest in to be your first big man off the bench? The center who has an NBA body, but absolutely no testicular fortitude, & no work ethic despite receiving plenty of opportunities that other players would die for. Or the wierd lookin white kid who if you saw on the street, would never believe he plays NBA ball, yet has an offensive game that fits in ANY offensive system and strong enough defensive heart, hustle, etc. that he fits in ANY defensive system? And he's got a motor that doesn't quit, thus making him a joy to watch and I'm sure a joy to coach and/or be a teammate of.

So yeah, Kobe outing Kwame dispels whatever myth agents could put out for GM's/owners to overpay for his scrub ass, and thus puts the total NBA fiscal market in better balance - a balance that has been further enhanced since the age-limit rule that requires American players to play at least 1yr of college. Since that rule became in effect from 2006 onward, juss look at how good the subsequent drafts have been in comparison w/the drafts (and then the free agent market thereafter) before that, which featured the likes of Kwame.

Originally Posted by Kirby View Post
that's just mean it's like the Lakers were trying to punk him LOL.
From a coaching perspective, it's unethical if they were doing this to a player who was in his 1st two yrs in the league (unless the player has ego issues, of course). But in this situation, the most likely conclusions is they were tryna see if their GM jobbed them into paying Kwame $8M/yr. In the 1st few plays, Kwame wasn't a primary on the play yet he still fucked those plays up. When they got the ball to him w/his back to the basket in order to get him in some semblance of rythm, he had a clear physical advantage (he's juss as athletic & strong as anyone, and he's got long arms, good mobility, and plenty of time has been invested in him), but he juss flubbed those plays as well even though Amare played below-par defense in those days. He even threw a careless pass the 3rd time they let him post up.

I don't take Phil not listening to Kobe in this instance as him contesting Kobe due to any ego issues. That business was over & done with before Kwame got to LAL. And let's not make any apologies for Kwame. This is the same asshole that decided to dig his hands in to throw a stranger's own birthday cake at him. Not only is he a bum, he's also a fuckin douchebag.

Originally Posted by LX View Post
I thought his behavior during the game, as a teammate, was pretty bad, and typical for Kobe. Insisting that the coach take a guy out of the game? That's the sort of thing that makes me dislike him, beyond him just being a Laker. I could muster up a lot of respect for other Laker greats, but I have none for this guy. I just hate the way he approaches the game with his multiple agendas.
Dude, Kobe did nothing but tell the boss that a co-worker isn't pulling his weight and thus is a weak link in the face of the availability of more mentally stable workers. He was seeking to get rid of dead weight and instead seek players who aren't afraid of being pro's - as in PROfessional.

There's no multiple agenda w/Kobe. Rather, that shit is for Lebitch, as I pointed out in another thread awhile ago, here (it's a long post): Pippen says LBJ might be better than MJ

Speaking of which, to be fair to Kwame, I'm sure he would've developed better w/Lebitch instead of with Micheal & Kobe. At least w/Lebitch, Kwame could get away w/not showing up, as it'd be obscured by the fact that neither does Lebitch. :cookie:

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