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I think there is some minimalizing of wall street's destructive and corrosive effects here. There are a shitload, and I mean a shitload, of people that got a good education so they could take their place in the system only to find that the jobs aren't there, of people that had retirement savings wiped out, of people that can't any longer save for the future, and while a good deal of that may lie upon their own shoulders, there is an undeniable amount of damage that was done to the economy by a real conspiratorial rigging of the system and the need to prop that same system up once again with very little changes. Raise taxes on millionaires in order to be able to invest in education and new technologies? Fuck that. These guys are completely entrenched politically. They have literally bought power. So where does anyone go to try to stop the abuses? It sure the fuck isn't DC.

This isn't all that different from what went on in the Arab world. A good deal of that was about basic staples starting to become out of reach while people became more aware of how basic rights could not be counted on. It's becoming quite clear that the idea of wealth is becoming meaningless, particularly to large swathes of people that supported the idea in order to lead a simple but good life. When you take away the promise of a stable future, a shitload of people see tyranny. A good deal of them likely have comforts undreamed of centuries ago, but tyranny is still tyranny. Wall Street threatens the ideals of the past revolutionaries, and I would suspect that their bile would be directed at those tyrannical schemers. I'm thinking they did not fight and die to have people happy to be playing video games and watching football on tv while democratic foundations are continuously eroded, habeus corpus is taken out of the justice system, and inequality becomes an obvious shame.

Seeing these people looking to each other in facing a future where growing economies simply will not be possible, gives me a sense of hope. Asserting the importance of wealth at this point seems catastrophic. New ways are in the offing, just as capitalism was at one time. This is just a movement in it's earliest infancy. Get used to it. The alternative would seem to be power for the sake of power in an ever narrowing process, or big squeeze.
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