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i am running out of time this afternoon, but here are a collection of some of my rebuttals against your last post.

-i don't know how many are a shit load, nor how many in the group fit that bill. your orginal argument did not make a distinction. this is misleading and problematic in terms of making your point.

-that you have power and control over your life is by no means an indication that other people do, that they are not frustrated with the disparity between theirs and your access, and that they should not give voice to that frustration and hope that the disparity is closed over time.

-the idea that no one can have the power is not the only alternative to either rich and powerful people or dictators having power. this is another logical fallacy. the idea that power can be shared, that decisions can be made collectively and that both pwer and wealth can be effectively redistributed has many iterations. there is simply nothing to the point that you are making here, and the presupposition of my position is completely false.

-that this is not THE global issue is not a reason to avoid talking about it and protesting it. there could be a huge debate about teh nexus of individual greed and corporate greed, and many of the criticisms may be that it is not an issue of greed, per se, but instead an issue of systemic and institutional problems that are not rooted in any individual.

-that capitalism provided more opportunity than any otehr system is not a legitimizing force behind it. there is still room for improvement. there are also very different aspects to capitalism. the wall street aspect is more about finance capital - things like derivative cocktails and highly volatile speculation that have huge implications for the overall system. reducing it to 'capitalism creates opportunity' and then sayting capitalism should be free from that kind of criticism is reducing the argument to an absurdly simplistic place, both in terms of what we mean by capitalism and what is being protested against.

-gandhi was not a great. you should probably read more about him before you go making claims like that. he did many good things, but had serious flaws, one of which was very strong racism towards blacks. but that is another argument altogether.

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