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I have decided to post some feelings in light of "occupy wall street". It really got me to thinking. As a preamble I really hope we can keep any debate that spurs out of this civil and not personal. I am not going to reference anything, or wiki "facts" to back up what I am saying because this is more just an emotional response to something I can't quite wrap my head around....


I understand that my views of the world, politics and money leave me on an island of sorts and thats ok, but as a look back on history and its great revolutions I can't help but think that those on the barricades in france or fighting for their freedom in southern US, would look at most the people standing on wall street with disgust.

Historically people fought for the right to vote and have a free opinion, they fought for the right to earn money and they fought for the right to eat in some cases the fought for the right to exist.

What are these people fighting? Capitalism? Money? Corporations? I am not going to take my opinion from sound bites from the news as I have come to the conclusion that all media is biased and you will never get the truth anyway.

They stand there in protest of a system, that while not perfect has provided the greatest opportunity of wealth to the most amount of people. Why do they care if a corporation makes billions of dollars and a bunch of shareholders are getting rich? Is it because they feel they should be rich too?
Is their problem not then with the government and while I disagree, why are they not protesting the white house? Instead, naively they sing the praises of Barrack Obama who took more money from "wall street" backers than any president in history.

I just wish I could get a clear answer on what great evils "Wall Street" has brought upon them? They have almost everything they could ask for including the ability to protest.

There was a time, and in some countries it would still happen where at the first sign of protest they would be shot. All great revolutions were fought with a clear understanding of what injustice needs to be reversed. I just don't understand what they are fighting against, or I should say that their anger is misdirected.

They have the right to protest, that revolution was fought long a go by both liberals and conservatives, rich and poor and I do not begrudge them exercising that right, I just hope it isn't being taken advantage of.

I just can't help but think that those that rose up against real injustice are not looking down and with a sigh and saying "what the fuck?"

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