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Originally Posted by Someguy again View Post
imagine, a world superpower voluntarily giving up its reserve currency status

imagine, hundreds of millions of americans going from 3 meals a day to a couple slices of bread

imagine, ron pauls gold holdings going parabolic as the usd becomes worth a peso over night

here's what both sides do not understand, the only reason why the USD remains the world reserve currency and still has substancial value(as they print and print) is because of its military, because of its policing of the world, because of its raping and pillaging of other countries for their assets. You cut off the military and wars i gaurantee you the usd loses its reserve currency status and becomes toilet paper or at the very least worth alot less. its inevitable in the long run but wars/policing the world helps assure a slow bleed so we can continue to stuff our faces and watch insignificant shit like sports on our bigscreens for as long as possible even if we are indeed going to hell

and canada won't be immune from this either as we have a weak military and no gold holdings to backstop our currency. Our fiscal situation is a bit better but wont be when the CMHC comes asking the tax payer to pay for all the shitty mortgages they backstopped as our goldman sachs affiliated central banker lowerd interest rates to record lows to further prop the housing bubble. There will be substancial consequences to the entire western civilization way of life if the us stopped the rape and policing, china would just take the role earlier than expected and maybe just maybe we could avoid going to hell while the chinese take our spots
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