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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Don't they get a lot of sweetheart deals from municipalities? Don't they get to just write-off any losses, even when they are just created through accounting tricks? Aren't they assured of a 10-20 percent return on their investment no matter how much they might deserve it or not? I don't see that much risk. There is an imbalance of rewards from franchise to franchise, and it's pretty gigantic. So they want to paper that over by taking a huge chunk of the player's share? I guess it's smart if they can do it, but it hardly strengthens the league. In the end you get problem avoidance from both the agents and the owners with the rich tv contracts. If that's what is deemed worthy of cancelling a season, then fuck it altogether.

The imbalance of rewards is fine, and the owners do not have a problem with it. Its when some clubs can't afford to stay around anymore. Why would somebody stay owning a team (even if there loses are mitigated by business rules) losing money.

It doesn't make any sense.

I will agree that the owners create most of these messes themselves in pro-sports but they should also be able to change the rules if they want. If my company was losing money and they asked me to reduce my salary or lose my job I would have the following options.

1.) Lose my job
2.) Take a pay cut
3.) Find a new Job.

For the record I do not make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR
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