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This Thursday October 6th 2011, I plan on giving my vote to that huckster Tim Hudak: the least of the three evils between him, McGuinty & Horwath.

-I find McGuinty to be the prime evil in this election, as all of the taxes he's put in place do NOT stimulate the economy AND are more criminal than they are at all beneficial to Ontarians. Both Hudak & Horwath allude to his criminality in their ad campaigns, campaign speeches & during the debate last week, yet don't outright say it despite it being well within their right w/substance & jurisprudence to do so (which gives signal that they intend the same type of greedy under-the-table shit later on down the road once either wins McGuinty's job). They do this by identifying McGuinty's taxes as 'tax-grabs', which is to say w/the amount of greedy low-lifes within the gov't system & McGuinty's own greed, the under-the-table system is in place for him & his constiuents to overcharge in tax (right in front of our faces) & pocket plenty of money that's designated to go into programs (that don't stimulate the economy, I should add again; I should also state that stimulating the economy is what's needed to fully put the '08 collapse behind us, NOT gov't programs), thus pullin a fast one over Ontarians and avoiding detection from Federal watchdogs by paying those 'on the take' within them - and the reason this goes over the heads of most Cdn's is b/c Hudak & Horvath don't go into enough detail about it unto saying the criminality of it, but juss enough detail to make Cdn's think of their own pocketbooks to go w/the 'alternative.'

As much as I & yall display conflicting arguments on numerous issues on this board, I'm sure we can all agree of the present greed & criminality thereof within our gov't. But juss to further hammer my point, I'll let yall know that I live in Ottawa, & the city is filled w/gov't buildings, of which I used to work in one some yrs ago in a tax office. And despite the 'polite' bullshit y'all see on TV (and the few truly wonderful people you'd meet too, I should add before I go further; my supervisor was one of them), yall wouldn't believe the staggering amount of lowlifes you'd find yourself working with when in those gov't buildings; the type of people capable of pulling off the criminality I mentioned. In short, each day I went to work, I literally felt the same way I did when passing through a neighbourhood full of degredation & oppressiveness; both fruits of greed in the place of public service. Of all the jobs I ever had, the only one that had a similar atmosphere was my 1st job out of college, when I was telemarketing Conrad Black's National Post. I remember feeling a weight completely drop off of me at my last day of both jobs, whereas I had bittersweet goodbyes at the end of the other gigs I worked.

So yeah, it'd be nothing short of a bad joke if McGuinty gets re-elected.

-Horwath is the middle evil between the three in this election. Now, to me she's displayed as much untrustworthiness & bullshit as the other two (unless you believe the oh-so perfectly placed heart-touching stories she says during her campaign & the debate), but she's not at the stage of the prime evil as McGuinty, simply b/c if elected, she knows she's gonna have to knock off his tax-grabs & 'programs' w/substance in order to make a good impression to Ontarians, and thus enable citizens to get the economy rolling again. Yet she's still to be recognized as nigh as evil, simply b/c she's full of shit, subtley displaying the same type of greed as from McGuinty & Hudak & all throughout the political system (re: her debate last week was staged; both she & Hudak were goin against McGuinty, yet making eachother look good by not effectively contesting eachother's criticisms at certain junctures, rather juss lettin it go despite the opportunity to contest being ever present), and w/that system in place, there's no one to directly & unceremoniously keep her in check - save for the next vote 4yrs from now, of which there's no present & blunt guarantee that we'll have better candidates then, thus not a valid option.

So if she's elected, we can expect a good initial boom of her knocking off a measure of McGuinty's fuckeries & thus allow businesses to stimulate the economy, but given she's shown nothing of substance to dispute that she's juss another greedy politician, you can bet she'd keep alot of the bad things McGuinty has put in place (ie- this tax, that tax etc.), all for her to be the next main under-the-table beneficiary thereof. Her greatest strengths are that she's a better liar than Hudak, has a great target in McGuinty (who was more nervous than I've ever seen a politician before in a debate; motherfucker's got so much hide that it's funny to look at), and she's got no one in the mainstream public to keep her in check.

-While Hudak has the same sliminess factor as McGuinty, he's the least of the three evils in this election. Not of himself, but rather despite himself. For starters, he's not nearly as smooth a liar as Horwath. In fact, there's absolutely nothing smooth about this reject at all. He couldn't hide his sliminess if his life depended on it (he even tried to hide it during the debate & of course during his campaigning, yet I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees his sliminess simply oozing out of him). Of course that's juss his demeanor, but even in his voting record, he's pure slimeball; he's voted against good conscience and sound public service in favour of climbing up the ladder of amongst backroom power brokers ever since the 90s. And even his 'concession' in the debate last week was that of not responding to Horwath repeatedly addressing his desire to 'give a blank check to corporations.'

W/all that in mind, there's no doubt about it: he's a greedy pig whose estatic he's finally a front-runner, for all the backroom perks he can obtain at our lawful standard-of-living's expense. However, his piggyness has blinded him to the fact that he's campaigned against smoothly achieving this desire of his despite himself, w/o even truly understanding that he's done so. He achieved this not only by building his whole campaign on slamming all of McGuinty's means to his 'extra curriculiar' activities, but also by taking pages out of Dr. Ron Paul's campaign of smaller gov't and cutting wasteful spending & eliminating McGuinty's tax programs (but of course not at all having Ron's voting record etc. but rather doing opposites thereof, thus showing Hudak's a pretender). Translation: Hudak's plan to get the economy rolling is not only the most fundamentally sound way to get the economy rolling on all cylinders, it's also the EASIEST & most EFFICIENT to implement. This by virtue of the plan's nature (thank you, Ron Paul!) AND it's consistent w/the low taxes PM Stephen Harper has fought for & thus kept Canada faring much better than much of the States since the '08 collapse. There's nothing but backroom politics stopping Hudak from delivering what he's said he'll do, for real. Thus, if Hudak delays on his campaign promises, deviates in any way from his campaign promises, blatantly does away w/them or is half-assed in delivering on them (and thus enjoying the criminal perks through the tax-grabs McGuinty's system has made way for), then there will be call for a Federal inquiry as to why on each point. Even more, even if the Federal inquiry doesn't step in, b/c there's no legitimate 'red-tape' stopping him from easily & efficiently doing away w/all the assortment of taxes & funnel programs McGuinty's introduced, a local police inquiry unto a criminal investigation would have full grounds to begin - which of course would completely fuck up his desire to fullfill his greed & those who've made the way for it under McGuinty.

So despite Hudak's greedy nature being right with McGuinty & Horwath's (the latter who seems to be a potentially beneficiary, given how they willingly made eachother look good at eachother's expense during the debate), he's literally trapped himself from acting on it, risking jail time if he does, by clearly & going hard with taking pages out of Ron Paul's campaigning, clearly saying how he'll do away w/ McGuinty's taxes & programs.

Thus, my vote is for Hudak this 10-6-2011, despite my strong dislike for him. It's all about eliminating McGuinty's taxes, and Hudak has trapped himself into fulfilling promises to do so, at the expense of his greedy nature by virtue of copying Ron Paul!

Ron Paul FTW!!! Ontario style, friends!

I was juss listening to some old Cdn rock from my youth before the Guns'n'Roses concert on youtube last night & again today, and posted some songs that make me think of these election candidates n stuff. Enjoy:

What are you listening to? (Raptors style part Trois)

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