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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
I was thinking about this.

While the league is shut down, we're looking at re-vamping our front office and adding more knowledge to our brain trust.

On top of this, we have a high reward draft pick potentially playing for an entire season, while everyone else for the most part is sitting around (not to mention it's a prospect in a key position). Add into the fact that we're sitting with cap space (right now), a young core and a new coaching staff, we could emerge from this lock out in a real nice position.

Maybe, just maybe, we've gotten some luck, this franchise so desperately needs.
you can just as well come out in a much, much worse shape. Among the ideas thrown around, here are a few that could be very detrimental to us:

1. apparently there are some GMs who are suggesting to either cancel the 2012 draft altogether, or to use a random draw where every team has the same chance of winning the #1 spot... Other ideas are to average the past 5 years and use that to seed the draw instead of the 2011.

2. even if the draft takes place, it's almost guaranteed that under any formula we'd draft higher if the season happens, there's no way we finish outside the bottom 5 this year.

3. some people are pushing for reduced rookie contracts, especially length wise. That would be very detrimental for us.

4. a hard cap is actually a bad thing for the raptors, because we, at least in theory, could spend a lot of money if the opportunity ever arises. Under a level playing field where we can't overpay for top FAs, we'd have almost no chance of attracting them here.

5. davis, derozan, bayless, jj and even amir would lose a valuable formative year, especially in a season where we could afford to let them play through mistakes. We'd also lose a year off their rookie contracts for basically nothing.

So it can go either way, from really, really good to really, really bad ...

Personally, I'd rather play the full season, although having just 52 games or in a shortened season would give us almost all the benefits with very few downsides, and the pain of seeing a crappy team for 6 months would be reduced to 4 or so
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