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Default Pascal's wager

I was reading an summary on pascal's Pensées a few months ago and the wager he makes still haunts me today, for example, there are multiple religons out there and i have to choose one in order to make this investment in 'eternal happiness' so the odds against me are too high and unfair. however what if thats reality? what if the odds were meant to be high to weed out a pretty much everyone except for a very few no matter their motives whether its a high motive, which that the person actually believes in that 'true religon' and has complete faith in it, or the low motive, that a person belived just to be saved from damnation, a his way or the highway mentality. Also what if this 'religon' which we must wager on is long gone, that a small group of people in the past who belonged and beleived in it died out? or what if it emerges in the future? when we are all gone and some new infallible spiritual dogma is the path that pascal meant and people must wager on that, and so we never had a chance (i think total depravity is the term?). this is just my thoughts and i would like to hear some opinions about his wager
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