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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
So socialised medicine cowtows to the insurance companies? Hmmmm

Why are americans so afraid to of universal healthcare. I remember when the whole discussion about healthcare was going on a couple years ago, the country was pretty split on universal healthcare. If i'm not mistaken most polls were saying that 55% of Americans wanted universal healthcare. I've never understood how a lot of these politicians can constantly lie about universal healthcare and how awful it is in ever country that has it with a straight face, when the leading cause for bankcrptcy in their country is escalating medical bills.
If only things were so simple.

Most (educated) Americans *WANT* universal healthcare, like how we got it. I'll never forget 5yrs ago when my pops had cancer, and overcame it, him telling me that if we were in the States, b/c of our income level, the odds would've been bigtime stacked against him from getting the care he got which enabled him to overcome it.

What American's don't want is to be further taxed; which is what the transition to universal healthcare would bring - due to all the bullshit politricks that dominate the White House.

What's more, in the social & political climate going on now & in recent years, no educated American trusts the special interest groups - and healthcare in America is unfortunately one in the same with special interest groups.

Really, even if the economy wasn't so bad & folk were prosperous like they were before the Afgan & Iraq wars (back when USA enjoyed record profits), Americans would still be up shit's creek in trying to get universal healthcare, simply due to the special interests doing what they can to eliminate competition & keep their wealth. That's exactly why dick all got done about it during the 90s.

It's a tricky thing for anyone with the intent to solve it to talk about it, b/c there's more issues that need to be tackled, before they can begin to establish universal healthcare like how we got. To compare it to video games, that's a boss fight; you still got to do so many things beforehand in order to tackle that.

Thus far, Dr. Ron Paul has the best solution to begin tackling it: have a smaller government, cut the bullshit spending, and create competition within the healthcare industry - and going with that, ensure those in healthcare seeking to maintain status quo of their profits even in the soon-to-be new way of doing things, ensure that they'd be liable for any anti-trust dealing they have in mind to act upon. Those are things needed for America to begin to have our type of universal healthcare.

Edit: I'm not super-political minded (I still have a hard time grasping many concepts; perhaps Im getting there though), but that's the best way I could explain it.

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