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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
so then you (and ron paul) do support letting him die? this is my point. he just backed away from answering the question. it was an empty response. if you have the choice to buy insurance or not, and you choose not to, you should take responsibility and die. he could have just said 'yes, i support that' instead of trying to frame it around freedom.

a) Get a loan and pay back the surgery.
b) Rely on family, friends, the community.
c) Negotiate costs with the doctors/hospital.

Perhaps knowing that a healthy person can die because he lacks healthcare will give him/her incentive to take out insurance. If you're young and healthy then catastrophe insurance should be affordable.

At the end of the day the individual has to take responsibility for his actions. A person that doesn't wear a seatbelt has a higher risk of dieing in a car accident. A person who smokes two packs a day has a higher risk of getting lung cancer. An obese person who continues to eat unhealthy and fails to exercise risks dieing at a younger age. Its about choices. That individual should've bought insurance. Don't punish the middle-class who pay a lot of taxpayers and pay for insurance for themselves and their entire family to subsidize some reckless, naive 30 year oblivious to the risks of not having healthcare.

People need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop asking for gov't handouts.
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