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I posted in here my admiration for Ron Paul: The Money Markets.

Seriously, there's never been an American politician, present or in the past or in history, who makes me wanna get outta my seat & raise my fists w/nothing but good vibes coursing through me - except Ron Paul right here.

This is what he said after Obama's Job's Act speech last week on 9/8/11:

Some ppl at today's debate decided to mock him, when he was tryna tell the truth of the matter. I was tempted to condemn & ridicule them, but then I reckoned that they're poor souls that are still believing the status quo, mainly out of fear that's been ingrained in them by the mainstream media the past 10yrs, and perhaps even of what they've lost (ie sons & daughters in the two wars).

But the fact remains that Ron Paul knows what he's been talking about, and has remained consistent and level-headed, in situations that most people do not.

This was the discourse between him & Rick Perry in today's debate:

I'm not alone in that I believe Rick is juss as slimy as Obama & Romney, and that they're all cut of the same cloth. Here's Ron challenging him last week. Keep in mind, Ron's a doctor:

Ron Paul on Rick Perry's record MSNBC Republican Debate 9/7/2011 - YouTube

I was lookin for a youtube link for the video in the link after this paragraph, but it's not up yet. However, there are clips of it already in the youtube link that Imma close this post with.
Paul's long-held policies converge with Tea Party's - CNN.com

I've truly never been so excited about American politics as I am now, and it's all b/c of Ron Paul's character, consistency (over 30+ yrs!), and that folk are catching on! We can finally REALLY change the way America is being run!!!!!

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