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Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
comeon claudius, is that really fair? i am researching, ive been researching for about a week now. im using my options. i believe its called networking? ive asked a friend of mine who goes to crescent for information, i have some graduates from my highschool trying to help me out. and this website is a way of getting more information. i want to make my decision with the most information possible before i make it. I never know who has done what, and why not excercise one of my options? dont take a hit at a higschooler whos frantic at a really confusing time.
Of course it's fair.

You know why I say it's fair. Simple. There's plenty more resources available.

You're frantic? You had two months essentially to prepare for this and now you're researching overseas? Really? I had friends preparing 1-2 years in advance when they were thinking of going to school out of the country.

Confusing time? Again, really? I've applied to undergrad, grad and colleges. I know EXACTLY how it is. I was never confused though about where to go and programs.

Lastly, you're 17 I believe? Do you want me to talk to you as a child or as an adult? I know the 11 year olds I coached wanted to be talked to as an adult.

And a hint towards networking: create a list (you ALREADY had a thread about going to university etc.). Your list will be populated by names who responded to that earlier thread and similar threads on raptorsforum (search function works here). Out of that list, contact the BEST names on who would have information. That's how you network.

What you're doing is akin to standing in a room and screaming I want a job and hoping someone listens to you and takes you seriously.
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