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LX, the media made it seem like we had another Katrina on hand. Sure it's better to be safe than sorry but the potential consequences were exaggerated. Property damage, power outages should be expected during any storm involving heavy rains. The weather guys dropped the ball on their wind estimates. I'm frustrated because the media made it seem like hundreds of thousands of lives were in serious danger, and not just in coastal areas. Look, this is about tradeoffs... I believe the death toll throughout the US is about a dozen... how many people were injured or killed (e.g. car accidents) in preparation for this thing? There was irrational paranoia.

I think people outside of the effected areas are viewing the most dramatic consequences of the storm. TV is showing the worst scenarios. I was just watching the Weather Channel and the reporter is standing in a flooded area where he is knee deep... during the broadcast there are people walking in the background 20 feet away and the water barely covers their ankles lol.

Residents in certain areas def should've evacuated, including some in lower Manhattan. I'm curious whether others should've bothered waiting x amount of hours to buy many pointless goods beyond food and water. Was the stress warranted? There was unnecessary panic and squandering of resources. I'm not saying it's a sinister conspiracy between business and the media but the story line was ridiculous. I do have the benefit of hindsight though.

The Carolina's hockey team is named the Hurricanes for a reason.

Hurricane Irene was like Lebron James in the 4th quarter. End of story.

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