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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Funny you brought up Layton. I connected your post and Trane's response with the spirit of the day as well.

Personally, I have always felt that there is nothing more hedonistic than giving. Of course it might be a luxury that is not available to everyone, and that is why I pointed to individual circumstances in my original post. It would be a wonderful aim, and quite a Laytonesque one at that, to provide that luxury to everyone.

If I may try to explore more concrete terms, there is a great sense of elation when realizing that the mosquito, or the leach, is not taking my blood, but that it is as much theirs as mine. Living so tightly bound within our own skins is not unlike being in a prison, particularly since we have the means of a certain boundlessness even while literally imprisoned (not that I would count on overcoming those circumstances myself, but again, it would be something to aim for).
What a crock of shit.

in you hedonistic pursuits... if I may use the work Hedonistic, is part of your everyday pursuit of happiness and pleasure taking ignorant pot shots at people on a Basketball messageboard. I mean, you do it all the time.

Espousing the beauty of the symbiotic relationship shared by Mosquitos or Leaches with you right fucking leg as a hedonistic pursuit of giving back from your bountiful teet.

Talk about ago. I mean fuck, Ayn Rand is the biggest bitch on the planet, yet her own special take on egoism and hedonism as manifested in her own theory of objectivism doesn't dare go as far as attaining satisfaction from seeing those around her fail or be discredited. In this context even she manages to come out looking like she has a little bit of a soul. Just a thread above, you went far out of your way to insult a guy sitting in a bed trying to recover from what amounted to a very difficult and dangerous medical procedure. Very Layton-esque LZ, bravo. (maybe you didn't, maybe you rare just that fucking stupid that you still don't understand that trade thread)

So here's LX, our wise old Sage of the Toronto Raptor Fans. Spreading a little love and joy around for the benefit of the less fortunate, both socially and genetically (although, mosquitos have been much ore successful on the roc than people have, must be all the free handouts from the benevolent hedonists).... do everyone a favour LX, go sell shit someplace else. You church up bullshit all you like, and you do it well, have since I starting reading your posts years ago. But never assume that just because you can shine a 69 GTO, that there is actually a motor inside.

My car might be rusty, but it runs well and rarely runs anyone over....not for a fucking small bit of ego boost on a basketball messageboard.

So thanks for you words LX, and you're welcome for my reply. This one was free, and I did it 100% drug free if it pleases you, you heartless and hateful prick.

Guess what, I have a little time on my hands, so you best be on our toes Einstein, you might have to actually back up some of the well wrapped bullshit you've been so hedonistically generous with here on the boards.

this is all of course just my pinion, good thing were in the Podium.
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